Do you have a child who needs help with school, but you’re unsure of how to help them? Do you feel like every time you try, it ends up making matters worse? Does your child know the material, but performs poorly on tests?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I can help! I offer weekly scheduled online tutoring as well as occasional as-needed online tutoring to students in elementary through high school. I am a former certified teacher, now full-time tutor, and I’m ready to help YOU!

Austin, TX on November 2, 2015

– Cynthia

My son has seen significant gains since he started tutoring with Ms. Beth last year (he is now in 6th grade and started tutoring at the beginning of his 5th grade year). Beth is engaged, patient, encouraging and always leaves time for fun games at the end of tutoring sessions. Needless to say, she is well-liked by my son!

“Great Results!”

Austin, Texas on October 23, 2015

– Karen

“Great Tutor!”

We love Beth! We hired Beth to assist my dyslexic son with math 3 years ago, and subsequently she is now tutoring all 3 of our kids once a week. Beth is conscientious, patient, nurturing and effective. She has established a wonderful rapport with all 3 of our kids and they enjoy working with her. She has given them that extra boost of confidence that they needed to be their best. Thanks Beth!!

Austin, TX on 8/26/15

– Preston

“Thoughtful and “Custom” tutor”

Beth, is always looking to understand how our daughter best learns and gets her work done. As a result, Beth has been extremely thoughtful and creative in coming up with a specific tutoring plan that works for our daughter, which is awesome and greatly appreciated!

Austin, TX on 10/22/13

– Tina

“Wonderful math tutor”

Beth is fantastic. We have worked with her for over a year now and our fourth grader just got an A+ on her grade report and says math is one of her favorite subjects now. When we started out our daughter believed that math was not quite her thing. Now she loves math. Beth is super organized and makes tutoring lots of fun. We are so glad we found her.

Austin, Texas on October 27, 2015

– Erin

“Best tutor!!”

Beth has been tutoring my son for the last year and what a difference it has made! My son respects Beth and looks forward to tutoring with her each week. Initially I asked Beth to work on writing with him, but she now helps him with other subjects depending on his homework each week. I am happy to say that my son raised his grade in writing from a C- to an A- last year and this year, for the very first time, my son brought home straight As. Beth has eliminated homework fights from my life and for that, I am so grateful! I highly recommend Beth for tutoring in all subjects!!


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Tutoring services tailored just for you!

Elizabeth (Beth) Geoffroy – Providing private one-on-one tutoring services for students in Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Pflugerville and surrounding areas

All elementary subjects:

• Math • Reading/comprehension/phonics •

• Writing/Grammar/Language Arts •

• Science • Social Studies •

Middle and High School subjects:

• Algebra I • Algebra II • Geometry •

 Certified and experienced in working with:

• ADD • ADHD • Asperger’s • Autism • Dyslexia •


After-school & summer tutoring

I have been able to successfully create, grow and maintain my own full-time tutoring business since moving to the NW Austin/Cedar Park area in May of 2012. Primarily, I have worked with elementary and middle school students ages 7-13 in mostly reading and math; however, I have tutored students from age 4 up through adult in reading, math (pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, and geometry), writing, handwriting, grammar, vocabulary, phonics, science, social studies, study skills and social skills.

Learning disabilities and special needs

I have worked with many students with various needs and abilities such as gifted and talented, dyslexia, autism, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD and English language learners. As a classroom teacher I would always have many students in my class with various needs and I would adjust my teaching methods to meet all of those needs during lessons. With one-on-one tutoring, I can structure my lessons to fit each student and the way that they learn best.


With so many standardized tests, and the pressure that comes with them, many parents have asked me for help with homeschooling their children. Because I have switched to tutoring full-time, I have the flexibility and availability to accommodate children in a homeschool program. I have worked with several homeschool students who need additional help for various reasons. I have worked with several different homeschool curricula, and offered support through supplemental activities, additional explanation of skills and have even helped parents who are new to homeschooling select appropriate materials for their children’s learning needs.

English Learning

In the past few years I have worked with several adults looking to improve their English speaking, listening and writing skills. In that time I have built a solid collection of materials to help those English learners improve their grammar, understanding of expressions, pronunciation, and general conversational English. I love helping people feel more confident about using the English language in their everyday life.


My methods are simple, yet proven effective. I begin with an assessment of where the student is in a given subject area, then build up from there. I have found that most struggling students simply need to “fill in the gaps” in order to create a more solid foundation for learning.

While schools do their best to educate our children, there are often times when students need more. Tutoring can be an excellent solution because one-on-one help allows the tutor and student to focus on specific areas of need. Additionally, tutoring can be a great resource for students who are trying to get ahead in specific subject areas, or who aren’t being challenged enough. That is why I love tutoring. It gives me the flexibility to tailor my teaching to help fit the needs of my students.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to work with you soon!